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Importance of Having a Great Financial Model and Framework with Doc G

July 26, 2022 Adam Broussard, MD
Dads Before Doctors Podcast
Importance of Having a Great Financial Model and Framework with Doc G
Show Notes

It can be difficult to switch careers or start a side business that is unrelated to your current one when you've spent years and money becoming an expert at it. Such things occur, particularly when you've reached the inevitable "Who am I?" question and begin looking for a sense of connection, identity, and purpose. It's quite intimidating. However, Doc G has benefited from a strong financial model and framework, despite the fact that getting there required a lot of trial and error. What and who were they? Find out now.

In this episode,  Doc G also discussed…

1:28 - About the guest, his career, and passions
2:52 - How he was raised and taught about money
4:10 - The life insurance of his dad went into the stock market which eventually funded his college and medical school.
4:41 - How did he understand the importance of financial independence and finances in general in just four to five hours
7:49 - His stand on leaving his job as a clinical practitioner to pursue his passion for in-depth discussions of money and life.
9:39 - What did he go through in discovering his purpose and a new career?
17:29 - Advice for someone who is in a position in finding their purpose and might not be at that financial independence stage.
22:22 - About his upcoming book about financial independence
26:04 - Difficult dichotomy between being smart and saving for the future and spending money now and having fun because there may not be a tomorrow.
29:04 - The idea of focusing on a number. Spending emotional energy worrying about maintaining and losing money.
31:15 - Advice to those people who want to change their career.
32:34 - Things he learned in his journey.
38:26 - One thing that people don't ask but you wish they would
40:43 - How to connect with Doc G

Listen and be inspired. It will be worth it all!

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