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What Makes a Relationship Strong with Dr. Kate Mangona

May 19, 2022 Adam Broussard, MD
Dads Before Doctors Podcast
What Makes a Relationship Strong with Dr. Kate Mangona
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we have Dr. Kate Mangona began practicing as a board-certified pediatric radiologist, a supportive physician’s wife and mother to three little girls and a mini poodle, an active and passive real estate investor,  and a certified life coach. Dr. Kate hosts the Medicine, Marriage & Money podcast and leads the Medicine, Marriage, & Money Coaching Program where she helps married physicians Moms spend less time arguing with their spouse, and more time reigniting the sparks once felt during their honeymoon. Dr.Kate helps high-achieving mothers to have the tools necessary to minimize arguments even during conflict and design the life and relationships they crave.

In this episode, Dr. Kate also discussed…

2:03 How did Dr. Kate grow up learning about medicine and money
4:50 How did Dr. Kate grow up learning about marriage
7:45 Dr. Kate saw her parents as models of relationship
10:09 Importance of love and connection to maintain a relationship
15:15 What can listeners expect to hear on her podcast
16:00 What is the biggest thing that couples need to work on when having struggles in their relationship?
19:12 How was she able to manage all things in life
20:35 How she handles things in her career
21:46 Giving time with her kids
22:19 Spending time with her husband
23:44 What to do if you are being judged by others
24:47 Her suggestions to improve relationships or marriage
28:18 Dr. Kate's ebook "The Medical Marriage Survival Guide"
29:20 What's something that no one asks but you wish they would?

Listen and be inspired. It will be worth it all!

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