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Pay Attention to Your Money with Jordan Frey

April 27, 2022 Adam Broussard, MD
Dads Before Doctors Podcast
Pay Attention to Your Money with Jordan Frey
Show Notes

Jordan Frey is a plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction in Buffalo, NY. He is also one of the fastest growing physician bloggers as he shares his journey from financial cluelessness to financial well-being with a goal of helping all physician to do the same!

In this episode, Jordan also discussed…

1:09 - About Dr. Jordan as a physician and a blogger
2:18 - Growing up in a friar household - his learnings and how did he come up having financial knowledge.
5:15 - The actions he did take to get out of the negative mindset about money and to have a more abundant mindsent.
7:23 - How they use ''intenional spending'' that lead them towards building financial foundation
9:00 - When and what made him decide to start a blog
11:41 - How does he budget family time while being a plastic surgeon, working in an real estate industry, and having a blog and podcast.
15:52 - Shares about his wife 
17:20 - What is his Why's?
18:34 - How to make doctors financially free
19:30 - Money is just a tool
20:50 - Things to do to become financially free
20:56 - What people don't ask but wish they did?
27:35 - How to connect with Dr. Jordan Frey

Listen and be inspired. It will be worth it all!

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