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Calm Parenting with Kirk Martin

April 16, 2022 Adam Broussard, MD
Dads Before Doctors Podcast
Calm Parenting with Kirk Martin
Show Notes

Kirk Martin is a host of Calm Parenting Podcast and has helped almost one million parents in 19 countries stop the defiance, disrespect, yelling, and power struggles with the most strong-willed children.

In this episode, Kirk also discussed...

01:57 How did he start doing the podcast
02:35 - tell us about you growing up and with his dad being a colonel
03:50 The impact of their upbringing on his personality
05:00 How's having a high-achieving parents
06:00 Parents are competing in many other voices around their children especially in social media.
06:15 Giving a child a space to learn and becoming a dad that your kids want to come to
08:26 His realization that drew him closer to his son
08:40 He found out that he's really good with the misfit kids and he started "the lego camp"
09:19 the news about the 'lego camp' had spread and he started charging money for it
09:48 The demand got higher
10:10 Tips on how to de-escalate the situation
11:20 Do the opposite
12:47 The analogy to use
13:19 Talk with calmness
14:20 Example of good parenting method
16:13 Options on how to discipline calmly
17:03 Do no discipline right away. Let things be calm.
18:12 What to say to them instead of yelling?
19:05 What a parent should do and say
21:00 Handle frustration with demonstration to your children
22:47 Martin's secret to tell for Daddies with wife relationship
24:23 Calm your kids for stopping your wife from being  emotionally exhausted
24:57 Do this instead of being angry
29:00 How you deal with a child's weaknesses
31:32 How to discipline your child in a good and effective way
33:48 Whenever you say no to something inappropriate you, have to say yes to something appropriate
35:40 Kirk also trains teachers to become kids more productive and change their behavior
40:16 Tips for dads towards their child
43:37 Tips for dads towards their wife
44:57 Great advice for dads
46:28 Where to contact Kirk Martin

Listen and be inspired. It will be worth it all!

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