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From Pain to Purpose: Leaving A Legacy through Letters with Blake Brewer

March 17, 2022 Adam Broussard, MD
Dads Before Doctors Podcast
From Pain to Purpose: Leaving A Legacy through Letters with Blake Brewer
Show Notes

Blake is married to a wonderful woman and enjoys being a father to his three children. But behind this, Blake had his personal tragedy experience when his father literally died in his arms. His father had left him a letter. This sorrowful experience and especially the letter unlocked a renewed sense of purpose in his life as he navigated pain and loss, and his purpose. As he recognized the importance of parents’ words to children, he also aimed to inspire other dads about the importance of the ‘‘Legacy Letter’’.

Blake is on a quest to assist 1 million fathers to write at least one well-written, meaningful, and lasting Legacy Letter to their children. These will guide and empower your little ones as they live their lives these days. To him, It’s more than a letter. It will be your legacy! So what is this Legacy Letter Challenge?

In this episode, Blake also discussed....

1:13 His early childhood days, his life, and his family
2:30 What does it mean to him to be a great dad and the things that he would do for his children and his dreams for them.
4:25 His inspirations and mission in The Legacy Letter Challenge
4:45 Back story of his father's letter.
8:20 His father's letter impacted and help to him
10:47 His advice he can give to people having difficult situations and to other parents
15:54 Best time to start writing a legacy letter?
18:21 Importance of connecting to our children
19:43 Dads Before Doctors Podcast goal
20:40 What is one of the things that we have in common?
21:20 What's the thing that's gonna matter the most?
21:57 Enjoying the time with your family
23:06 How do you become a great dad
24:18 How will you write a Legacy Letter
29:48 Is the Legacy Letter Challenge also applicable to moms?
32:54 Parting words

Listen and be inspired. It will be worth it all!

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